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Client – The Province of Antwerp is responsible for various economic, cultural and social activities. It plays an important part in bigger-than-local events. Challenge – Promote the province’s museums in a fun and interactive way. The GRIN-solution – Brochures aren’t fun. And more to the point, they aren’t interactive. So we decided against a traditional approach and instead developed a kind of cycle-through: we hooked up three bikes to a flat screen and made passers-by pedal for their information. The faster they went, the faster the different museums popped up. The approach proved successful both at the Cultuurmarkt and at  [ Read More ]

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Client – Philip Morris is one of the world’s largest tobacco firms. Challenge – Create a fun multi-user game to promote a new ultra-light cigarette brand in Kuwait. The GRIN-solution – We let players race each other in flying cars above and in between the towers of a futuristic cityscape. Sitting in a simulator-chair, using an advanced joystick and wearing glasses with built-in screens (virtual reality), the experience was both fun and innovative. Technology in use: Director, 3DsMax Partners: Philip Morris / the Concept House