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When ever I need a Holiday, I start dreaming about blue seas and green islands… (Google Fiji islands: ) Oculus Rift helicopter demo: Heli-hell! You can download the demo-application (for PC) here: For Oculus DK1 (DK1) For Oculus DK2 (PC) (Mac, not tested with joystick) DK2 info: – Press “J” to switch between Joystick & Keyboard/mouse controls – Press “Enter” to reset level INFO & TIPS It could take a while for the demo to start. The island is generated on the first frame and this is quite processor intensive. If you notice that your viewport is  [ Read More ]

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Physics driven forklift demo en training installation. UCAN & GriN partner up to make a really cool simulator. Goal: build an installation that connects controls of a real forklift surrounded by 4 screens to a virtual environment where users can learn how to operate the forklift and take special notice to safety regulations. Driving — lifting physics — Proof of Concept. This demonstrator is used to test a physics rig setup with 3 wheels. Most basic functions are working. But we are experiencing some physics problems due to kinetic movement of attached collider objects. Several sollutions come to mind, but  [ Read More ]

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Whooohaaa… another HOT research update! Few days ago we made a blog post about our universal unity controller (short: control PC games with iphone). Today we’ve got a nice update on that already! Cross platform We now support multiple mobile devices: iPhone, iPod-touch, iPad & Android. (Thank you Unity3D for building such a versitle tool for us to develop in!) Porting our developments to different platforms was actually very easy… our experience was ofcource helpfull too! Anyway, we now have a contoller to play our game for all major mobile platforms. Multi-user Cross platform, no problem! But what if you  [ Read More ]

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Say what? We been talking to a lot of people about this “thing” we’ve been making… Our User Generated Adventure Game Engine. Well, it’s finally starting to take form and we are alsmost ready for PRIVATE-ALPHA testing. This first alpha release is aimed at scenario-writers and story tellers. We believe we have created a web-application that will allow anybody who can write to create a dialog based game without the need for any game programming knowlegde.

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XPOSE is an easy tool to create your own exhibitions. Over 200 artists have created their virtual exhibition online in 3D with our intuïtive gallery building application. At the moment we are in BETA phase so we could really use your help to test this new system. xpose3D is a personal side-project by: Wim Wouters

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underdog A collection of over 40 games and demo’s. This website acts as an overview of online 3d game developments since 2002. All the games here were created as research and after-hour projects. This is our own private research and development part of GriN. We research new and innovative technologies that can strengthen our other instances and test and perfect it through the development of games. These games are mainly made for ourselves, so we can let our creativity loose and experiment with our own variations of popular genres. The results are then uploaded to our servers and delivered to  [ Read More ]