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Posted by Wim On April - 23 - 2013 Comments Off

When ever I need a Holiday, I start dreaming about blue seas and green islands… (Google Fiji islands: ) Oculus Rift helicopter demo: Heli-hell! You can download the demo-application (for PC) here: For Oculus DK1 (DK1) For Oculus DK2 (PC) (Mac, not tested with joystick) DK2 info: – Press “J” to switch between Joystick & Keyboard/mouse controls – Press “Enter” to reset level INFO & TIPS It could take a while for the demo to start. The island is generated on the first frame and this is quite processor intensive. If you notice that your viewport is  [ Read More ]

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Big Bad ‘Woolfe’: in for the win. Happy days and champagne at the GriN headquarters! The project we submitted for the VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds) Gamefund was granted a “Go!”. Our horror fairytale “Woolfe” was very well received by the judges, so… we popped a bottle or two to celebrate the joyful news. More details about the project will be revealed over the next few months, as production kicks off. For now, we’ll leave it at the following project description: In this sidescroller odysee, a vengeful Little Red Riding Hood is out to defeat her greatest demon, B.B. Woolfe. Think  [ Read More ]

Posted by Wim On August - 25 - 2012 1 Comment

This is a “bootleg” video of our postmortum presentation at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam. Forklift simulator From Eyecatcher to Lifesaver This presentation is created entirely in Unity3d.

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Some more sneak peaks of what we have been working on this week… Some of our bigger projects for clients are almost done and we will be very happy to share the results with you next week… so stay tuned!

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This is our first SNEAK PEAKS blog post! The concept is simple, we share some stuff we’re working on at the moment… mostly this is classified stuff, so we can’t add any relevant extra information, just to tease you a little!

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We just released another free episode in the continuing sci-fi saga “ENCOUNTER”.  This version has very different gameplay compared to the other episodes. Play this 3rd person shooter online in your browser on

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Our 2 interns just delivered their first SOLO projects. Just like last year we gave our interns the freedom to create a level in our scifi FPS shooter “ENCOUNTER”. Here are the results of Sigfried Croes en Michiel Van Gasse. ENCOUNTER The year is 2154, many years have passed since an extra-terrestrial species first walked on the surface of our planet. Alien technology sped up our own technology development and man has escaped his cradle and traveled to other galaxies. Eventually Earth joined the UEG (the United Eastern Galaxies) and fought alongside other races to maintain Peace throughout different galaxies.  [ Read More ]

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The C-Mine Game Jam was great! We are proud to have organised another succesfull Game Jam. This time in the soon-to-be game incubator building of C-Mine in Genk (Belgium). 4 teams spent 48 hours building games about on central theme: ENERGY. After a nice workshop by Nick Marien about tips & trick for rapidly creating concept art for games, 3 speakers from the games industy and a technological research institute inspired the participants and shared the Game Jam theme. Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, director Energy Group, VITO Jim Bollansée, GameHUB Erik Willemse, Nascom

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Ioulian, a student form Artevelde College, studying multimedia-production asked us to be the exteral promotor for his Augmented Reality project. We gave him some tips & tricks on how to make his game look good and work best. This game was made with Unity3D and Silverlight using the SLART toolkit. We think he did a great job… Here are the results: Teaser Trailer: Work in Progress video: Final game:

Posted by Jeroen On March - 15 - 2011 1 Comment

Hey everyone, just another update about our mobile control app. We’re working on getting it on the app store as quickly as possible so you should be expecting it very soon.It’s going to be called UNDER control, with reference to, where the first games supporting this app will be launched. But without demonstrators, it’s not really useful, now is it? Split Screen So our newest demonstrator is another race game, but this time it’s a straight forward one. You just drive along the course with your indy car. The big difference with the last one? You just get your  [ Read More ]