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Join the vengeful Red Riding Hood in her battle to eliminate her demon, B. B. Woolfe, in a dark side-scroller odyssey. A non-sugarcoated streampunky fairy tale, full of drama and dark twists. Red Riding Hood Uncensored (inspired by pre-Grimm versions of the popular tale).

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Forest Pals Autumn is the first in a series of four educational apps about the seasons. We aim to provide a fun and engaging training tool, filled with stories, games and music for preschoolers.

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Een educatief vierluik met seizoensingrediënten Bongobos Herfst is de eerste app van een ambitieus vierluik, dat vaardigheden en creativiteit bij kleuters wil stimuleren. In het vrolijke 3D-woud lopen verhaal en spel naadloos in elkaar over. De bosbewoners gidsen de kinderen met spelletjes, verhalen en muziek doorheen de vier seizoenen. Illustrator Frieda Van Raevels tekende voor het artwork, Ianka Fleerackers leende haar stem aan het verhaal.

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When ever I need a Holiday, I start dreaming about blue seas and green islands… (Google Fiji islands: ) Oculus Rift helicopter demo: Heli-hell! You can download the demo-application (for PC) here: For Oculus DK1 (DK1) For Oculus DK2 (PC) (Mac, not tested with joystick) DK2 info: – Press “J” to switch between Joystick & Keyboard/mouse controls – Press “Enter” to reset level INFO & TIPS It could take a while for the demo to start. The island is generated on the first frame and this is quite processor intensive. If you notice that your viewport is  [ Read More ]

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Our first Steam Powered game: “Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre” is now available! The game is a fun for all (even mac users) multiplayer cartoon-style third-person shooter. With your friends (if you have some) you take the role of a Legionnaire to shred a huge army of non-descriptive cannon fodder to lots and lots of pieces. This kill count is added to the global kill count,that unlocks new content for all players, including mac users. Starting with 3 maps with different game modes we bring you a variety of enemies and animals to kill, including peace doves and dolphins. If you are  [ Read More ]

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We just released another free episode in the continuing sci-fi saga “ENCOUNTER”.  This version has very different gameplay compared to the other episodes. Play this 3rd person shooter online in your browser on

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Client – This one we developed ourselves. That’s right: no client to tell us what to do! Challenge – Develop a series of small games and puzzles for toddlers and older children to train their basic abilities. This time not for the web, but for iPad. The GRIN-solution – We try to keep 3 things in mind when creating games for young children. Educational, Intuïtive and Creative. Explore the forest to find all kinds of animals and mini games. Ideal to play with your children or let them discover the fully interactive world by themselves! With designs by Frieda Van Raevels,  [ Read More ]

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undercontrol app

UNDER CONTROL APP & CUSTOM INPUT MANAGER 2 great products for the price of one! – UNDER CONTROL APP let’s users play your games using their mobile device as game controller. – CUSTOM INPUT MANAGER adds an in-game menu to your game so users can customize their keys for your game. Great for localization. Our new UNDER CONTROL concept transforms a user’s iPhone / Android smartphone or tablet into an intuitive controller for single and multi-user installations. Using our wifi enabled software we can provide fully immersive experiences on any display, ranging from personal computers, internet enabled TV’s, kiosks and  [ Read More ]

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Hot Rod Racing Hot rods were and still are a popular phenomenon that found its origins in the United States. Hot Rods are typically American cars with modified engines to increase the speed level in a short period of time. Hot rod cars are an important aspect of the rockabilly and pinup subcultures. Hot Rod Racer brings this retro atmosphere back to life in modern media platforms by allowing players to challenge their Facebook friends for an old school Hot Rod Race, earn a diversity of cars and modify and pimp their collection of Hot Rods. Three-dimensional experience What distinguishes Hot Rod Racer from other  [ Read More ]

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Drive your Hot Rod through the river beds of LA and try to hit as many pins as possible! As an added bonus, you can play up to 4 players and compete against each other. Can you drive … euhm bowl them out? Controls Left/Right Arrow keys: Steer your car in the right direction. Play You can play this game on: You can play this game on: i-Phone/i-Pod Touch for free. About Hotrod bowling is one of our smaller self managed free-to-play games. We created this as proof of concept to check the posibilities of physics on iPhone and iPod  [ Read More ]