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XPOSE is an easy tool to create your own exhibitions. Over 200 artists have created their virtual exhibition online in 3D with our intuïtive gallery building application. At the moment we are in BETA phase so we could really use your help to test this new system. xpose3D is a personal side-project by: Wim Wouters

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Client – This one we developed ourselves. That’s right: no client to tell us what to do! Challenge – Develop a series of small games and puzzles for toddlers and older children to train their basic abilities. The GRIN-solution – Go and find out for yourself what we created at Or even better: put your kids in front of the screen and let them play and puzzle. We’re sure they’ll love it!

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underdog A collection of over 40 games and demo’s. This website acts as an overview of online 3d game developments since 2002. All the games here were created as research and after-hour projects. This is our own private research and development part of GriN. We research new and innovative technologies that can strengthen our other instances and test and perfect it through the development of games. These games are mainly made for ourselves, so we can let our creativity loose and experiment with our own variations of popular genres. The results are then uploaded to our servers and delivered to  [ Read More ]