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Say what? We been talking to a lot of people about this “thing” we’ve been making… Our User Generated Adventure Game Engine. Well, it’s finally starting to take form and we are alsmost ready for PRIVATE-ALPHA testing. This first alpha release is aimed at scenario-writers and story tellers. We believe we have created a web-application that will allow anybody who can write to create a dialog based game without the need for any game programming knowlegde.

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Client — Carlsberg is the 4th largest brewery group in the world employing around 45,000 people. Challenge — For the trade fair “Venues” in Antwerp, Carlsberg asked their agency “Mighty” to do something extra… Something that would give the booth visitors a Carlsberg Experience. The GriN-solution – We created an augmented 3D experience where the user can check out a virtual Carlsberg bar. The user stands in front of a huge 3D screen (anaglyph 3D, you know, with those red/green glasses) with a Carlsberg bottle in hand (Wii-controller inside) to navigate through the bar. Goal of the installation is to  [ Read More ]

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Drive your Hot Rod through the river beds of LA and try to hit as many pins as possible! As an added bonus, you can play up to 4 players and compete against each other. Can you drive … euhm bowl them out? Controls Left/Right Arrow keys: Steer your car in the right direction. Play You can play this game on: You can play this game on: i-Phone/i-Pod Touch for free. About Hotrod bowling is one of our smaller self managed free-to-play games. We created this as proof of concept to check the posibilities of physics on iPhone and iPod  [ Read More ]

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Poverty Is Not a Game! An educational/serious game about the experience of being/becoming poor. ‘PING’ or ‘Poverty is not a game’ was developed by Belgian multimedia company GriN specifically for high schools in the framework of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. A serious game in 3D, PING shows teenagers first hand what it is like to live on the edge of poverty. Players have to look for work and shelter, apply for benefits while taking care of their health and social life in order to escape the clutches of poverty. Players define the storyline themselves on  [ Read More ]

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Client – Pukkelpop is one of Flanders’ biggest and most loved festivals. With eight stages and some 200 performers, it’s no wonder it draws crowds of over 150.000 young people every year. Challenge – Create an innovative tool to show VIP guests, artists and museum visitors (yes, there is a festival museum on site) around the festival. The GRIN-solution – We put up large multi-touch screens at three strategic locations: in the VIP-area, in the artists’ village and in the festival museum. On the screens visitors found an interactive map of the festival, telling them which band would be surprising  [ Read More ]

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Anaglyph 3D game for website and festival booth of Knack Focus magazine. Client – Knack Focus is Flanders’ best weekly magazine for all things media and entertainment. It tells you about the movies and new theatre shows, and you can read why the new dEUS album is so much better than the last. Challenge – Create a fun interaction between youngsters and the magazine at the summer festivals, using the popular cartoon character ‘Boerke’. The GRIN-solution – What better way to bring a cartoon character to life than a creative, funny and entertaining 3D-game, featuring Boerke as a rocker, having  [ Read More ]

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Client – Bernico is a manufacturer of powerboats. You know, those spacey looking racing machines with huge engines mounted on the back that crash through the waves at about 180 km/h. Challenge – Our neighbours at Voxdale made a prototype, the F2. They came to us with a clear task: give us a powerful simulation tool so we can show off what we built. The GRIN-solution – We made our own version of a boat simulator, complete with throttle, turning and navigation controls… We even used real-life physics to show how the boat would smash onto the water at high  [ Read More ]

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Client – The KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp) boasts one of the greatest collections of paintings by Flemish masters in the world. Challenge – Bring the artwork out of the museum and into peoples’ lives. And make sure nobody forgets about the masterpieces during the 4 year closure for renovation. The GRIN-solution – With a simple click (or rather, swipe) everybody now has access to the main hall (the Rubenszaal) of the museum from their iPhone. With the free app you can walk through the hall, zoom in on the paintings and read the detailed descriptions that  [ Read More ]

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Client – Ilibris is (in their own words) not just hosting. It’s an IT-company that provides solutions for online collaboration, backups and hosting. Challenge – Make the Ilibris brand stand out at the Digital Marketing First expo in Brussels, where it would be surrounded by competitors. The GRIN-solution – Remember how Princess Leia and Obi-wan communicated in Star Wars through hologram? And remember how cool and futuristic that was? We made it happen for Ilibris. In the HoloCube, we made a 3D-visualisation and animation of their logo and brand slogan. We’re not saying we have Jedi powers, but it did  [ Read More ]

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Interactive 3d decor for scene in live show of famous Belgian Client – Els De Schepper doesn’t need any introduction. If you haven’t seen her live, book your tickets now. You won’t regret it. Really, she’s that funny. Challenge – Els wanted a three dimensional background décor for one of her scenes. It had something to do with driving on a motorway in different directions and was really hilarious. The GRIN-solution – What’s the one thing that’s crucial with comedy? You’re right: impeccable timing. The right expression or word (or in our case: change of scenery or point of  [ Read More ]