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Client – Doel is Antwerp’s powerhouse: the nuclear power plant chain-reacts up to 21 billion KWh a year. That’s 21 with nine zeros. Or just about enough to power a third of the country. Challenge – There’s a visitor’s centre on site where people can learn all kinds of mind-blowing facts and figures like the one above. We were asked to make learning easier (and more fun) with some sort of game. The GRIN-solution – We designed a cool quiz around the facts and figures of the power plant. On six linked touch-screen computers and a big screen, visitors can  [ Read More ]

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Client – The Province of Antwerp is responsible for various economic, cultural and social activities. It plays an important part in bigger-than-local events. Challenge – Find a creative way to promote the China Exhibition, which revolved around Tang dynasty artefacts. The GRIN-solution – We put up some bright red flat screen columns with webcams in the Provinciehuis, and at the Cultuurmarkt, inviting people to play a little game. The webcam would take a picture of them, which they could then enhance with artefacts from the Tang dynasty: colourful hats, exquisite robes, traditional make-up… The long queues waiting to try it  [ Read More ]

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XPOSE is an easy tool to create your own exhibitions. Over 200 artists have created their virtual exhibition online in 3D with our intuïtive gallery building application. At the moment we are in BETA phase so we could really use your help to test this new system. xpose3D is a personal side-project by: Wim Wouters

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Client – AXA Verzekeringen is one of our largest insurance companies. Maybe not the place where you would expect room for innovative promotion – but we got to do some anyway! Challenge – Develop a game to promote the G-box: a small box that measures the G-forces your car generates to determine how safely you drive. And what your premium should be. The GRIN-solution – Games aren’t fun when you can’t go fast and break the rules. So we made a game where doing exactly that would be rewarded with points. Running red lights, exceeding the speed limit, cutting corners…  [ Read More ]

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Client – The Province of Antwerp is responsible for various economic, cultural and social activities. It plays an important part in bigger-than-local events. Challenge – Promote the province’s museums in a fun and interactive way. The GRIN-solution – Brochures aren’t fun. And more to the point, they aren’t interactive. So we decided against a traditional approach and instead developed a kind of cycle-through: we hooked up three bikes to a flat screen and made passers-by pedal for their information. The faster they went, the faster the different museums popped up. The approach proved successful both at the Cultuurmarkt and at  [ Read More ]

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Client – Playing the past is the 21st century version of re-enactment. It allows students and enthusiasts to recreate past events or visit places they would otherwise never see in their lives. Challenge – Give people access to a long-lost shipwreck off the coast of Holland. And make it as realistic as possible. The GRIN-solution – From pictures and blueprints of the ship we created a 3D diving simulator. It allows you to swim through cracks, look under ledges, peer into portholes and study the shipwreck as if you were really there (but without the getting wet and cold and  [ Read More ]

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Client – Philip Morris is one of the world’s largest tobacco firms. Challenge – Create a fun multi-user game to promote a new ultra-light cigarette brand in Kuwait. The GRIN-solution – We let players race each other in flying cars above and in between the towers of a futuristic cityscape. Sitting in a simulator-chair, using an advanced joystick and wearing glasses with built-in screens (virtual reality), the experience was both fun and innovative. Technology in use: Director, 3DsMax Partners: Philip Morris / the Concept House

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Client – Pukkelpop is one of Flanders biggest and most loved festivals. With eight stages and some 200 performers, it’s no wonder it draws crowds of over 150.000 young people every year. Challenge – Change the traditional line-up screens next to the main stage and make them more entertaining. The GRIN-solution – The screens would have to show three things: the line-up (where are the National playing?), news items and general info (where can I get some earplugs?) and advertisements for future events (when is Pukkelpop next year?). We made them show all those things in a fashionable, creative and  [ Read More ]

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Client – EHSAL is the place in Brussels to get a bachelors or masters degree in management, health, education or social services. Challenge – Create awareness on energy consumption and production. Give students insights in the efficiency, cost and pollution levels of different types of power plant. The GRIN-solution – We gave the students a job as mayor of a virtual city. Their most important task was to find the balance between budget, pollution and energy levels by building and demolishing different types of power plants. Not that they had to do it by themselves: they got expert advice from  [ Read More ]

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Client – IBBT (Interdisciplinair Instituut voor Breedband Technologie) is an independent research facility that focuses on ICT innovation. Challenge – Make our testlab visible to the outside world, without bringing people to the actual testlab. The GRIN-solution – The IBBT testlab is very high-tech. But it’s both very noisy and narrow. And people only want to visit it to get a feel of how much information and power the IBBT actually has. So we copied their floor plans and created a 3D walkthrough of the lab. Now visitors can click on any cabinet or server rack and get all the  [ Read More ]