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Interactive 3d decor for scene in live show of famous Belgian

Client – Els De Schepper doesn’t need any introduction. If you haven’t seen her live, book your tickets now. You won’t regret it. Really, she’s that funny.

Challenge – Els wanted a three dimensional background décor for one of her scenes. It had something to do with driving on a motorway in different directions and was really hilarious.

The GRIN-solution – What’s the one thing that’s crucial with comedy? You’re right: impeccable timing. The right expression or word (or in our case: change of scenery or point of view) at the exact moment can make or break a joke. So we made our 3D décor interactive. That means the guy in the lighting-and-sound box could speed up and slow down the animation to time it to perfection with what was happening on stage. Did we already mention that the result made us cry with laughter?

Technology in use: Unity3D, 3DsMax

Partners: Goedenavond


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