Posted by Wim On March - 8 - 2011 1 Comment

Say what?

We been talking to a lot of people about this “thing” we’ve been making… Our User Generated Adventure Game Engine. Well, it’s finally starting to take form and we are alsmost ready for PRIVATE-ALPHA testing.

This first alpha release is aimed at scenario-writers and story tellers.

We believe we have created a web-application that will allow anybody who can write to create a dialog based game without the need for any game programming knowlegde.

An Adventure Game?

The basic’s of an adventure game are actually very simple. You need characters, a map, inventory item’s and statistics (can be anything, from missions to health or skill points).

The glue that binds these elements together are the conversations. These conversations must be able to split into dialog trees and include functions to interact with characters, items and statistics. This alpha release provides just that. An intuïtive interface to create the heart of an adventure game.

We built a similar system to create PING (, a serious game about the experience of being poor. Because we found this system to be so easy to use, we thought we should make it available to for other projects too.

As said, we’re almost ready for testing so if you would like to apply as a tester please contact us!


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  1. I like to known more or experiment with the user generated aventure game engine for research purposes. We are currently performing research in the context of Domain Specific Modeling Languages for serious games and may be we can make a link with this game engine.