Posted by Jeroen On March - 15 - 2011 1 Comment

Hey everyone,

just another update about our mobile control app. We’re working on getting it on the app store as quickly as possible so you should be expecting it very soon.It’s going to be called UNDER control, with reference to, where the first games supporting this app will be launched.

But without demonstrators, it’s not really useful, now is it?

Split Screen

So our newest demonstrator is another race game, but this time it’s a straight forward one.

You just drive along the course with your indy car. The big difference with the last one? You just get your own screen. Yup, that’s right, split-screen per connected player limited to 4 players. All controlling with their own device, using its gyroscope to steer along the course. And it looks awesome, as you can witness in the embedded video.

So stay tuned for when we release the app, because it’s going to be the bee’s knees.


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  1. TornadoTwins says:

    Dudes! Thanks for tweeting this our way! Awesome sauce, multiplayer iPhone stuff!
    I want to stay updated about this, please add me to your email newsletter!
    -Efraim (TornadoTwins)