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Our 2 interns just delivered their first SOLO projects. Just like last year we gave our interns the freedom to create a level in our scifi FPS shooter “ENCOUNTER”.

Here are the results of Sigfried Croes en Michiel Van Gasse.


The year is 2154, many years have passed since an extra-terrestrial species first walked on the surface of our planet. Alien technology sped up our own technology development and man has escaped his cradle and traveled to other galaxies. Eventually Earth joined the UEG (the United Eastern Galaxies) and fought alongside other races to maintain Peace throughout different galaxies.

Becoming an interstellar marine is a privilege and because the training and equipment is so expensive only a select few of the very best make the cut to be made into one. Many soldiers are left frustrated on our blue rock (aka The Ill-Fated) wishing they could fight back-to-back on a lush planet light-years away.

This frustration led a group to the founding of an elite group of guns for hire only known as the Grey Skulls. This group of commandos can be hired to settle riots, escort cargo and settle any dangerous occurrence throughout the universe.

More information and online 3D game episodes on:

Sigfried Croes : ENCOUNTER episode 1: A new world.

Michiel Van Gasse : ENCOUNTER episode 2: Who’s the Boss?


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