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2 great products for the price of one!

- UNDER CONTROL APP let’s users play your games using their mobile device as game controller.
- CUSTOM INPUT MANAGER adds an in-game menu to your game so users can customize their keys for your game. Great for localization.

Our new UNDER CONTROL concept transforms a user’s iPhone / Android smartphone or tablet into an intuitive controller for single and multi-user installations. Using our wifi enabled software we can provide fully immersive experiences on any display, ranging from personal computers, internet enabled TV’s, kiosks and large billboards.

How does it work? Simple!

  • Step 1: Download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Step 2: Enter uniek code displayed in the game.
  • Step 3: Start playing!

GO TO: for more info, links and games.

Our mobile application automatically connects to the multi-media installation for users to interact with. We support touchscreen buttons and gyroscope giving users to a real game-pad like experience and can push information like points and information back to the users device.

Our technology allows people passing by to connect their devices to gigantic billboards,  projections in shop windows or movie theater screens.

You can connect to PC games, Mac game, Browser Based WEB games and even games on other Mobile devices !

After using the app for a specific event, users can also use the app at home to connect to a game or custom interactive appliciation in their browser, giving it an added value as viral marketing tool.

Are you a developer?

Want to add this technology to your own games?

Our custom input manager is now available in the Unity3D Asset Store:

UNDERcontrol developer features:

  • Push images to device screen
  • Push custom messages to device screen
  • Push custom input controls to device screen

Inputs overview:

  • Simple buttons
  • Swipe input
  • Static and Dynamic  virtual joysticks
  • Gyroscope detection
  • Touchpad input

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