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Client – Pukkelpop, one of the biggest music festivals in Belgium & University of Hasselt.

Challenge – Create an easy and fun to play game focused on multi-touch and multiplayer usability.  The game must work online in a webbrowser, on iPhone/iPad but also on the multi-touch surfaces of the university during the festival.

The GRIN-solution – Always dreamed of working behind the scenes at Pukkelpop? Starting today, you can practice your mad skills on the small screen. You have full control on your smartphone or computer! Hasselt University and Pukkelpop developed The Pukkelpop Game especially for you.

Playing on three different levels (Dance Hall, Marquee, Main Stage), you manage all the Pukkelpop stages to make sure everything goes smoothly. The aim of the game is to get all the musicians (vocals, guitar, bass and drum) on their stage at the right time.

Watch out for the obstacles! Make sure you don’t bump into fans or other musicians who are also on their way to their own stage. The game gets more challenging as the day progresses. The later it gets, the more fans are hanging around and trying to get an autograph or drag you along into a mosh pit. Once your musicians are all safe and sound on their stage before their slot starts, you can start on the next level. A nail-biting challenge!

Need some help or extra tips to play the game? Check out the Wablief?! It offers a short user manual to introduce the game.

You can play The Game here, but what’s even more fun: this free game is also available for your smartphone. Download the iPhone version here and the Android version here. Share your high scores on Facebook and check out how well other people did. Which of your friends is the ultimate Pukkelpop stage manager?





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