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We were in invited to get a booth at Frag-o-Matic, the largest LAN game event in Belgium. This time there was room for 800 gamers. For us this was a good oppertunity to push our own limits by getting the BETA version of a game done we’ve been working on in secret for the last few months.

It’s official we’re working on: Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre.

This is actually a multiplayer successor of Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, a game developed by Sakari-Indie. For this new release we have joined forces to get the job done!

In august 2008  Sakari Indie launched their first indie game: Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood. A funny, gory cartoon shooter that was very much welcomed by the Steam community.

That very community begged for a multiplayer version of this game. They supported the team so much from all over the world. Helping with translations and spreading the fun of the Game.

And now after 3 years, they still get daily mails from fans hoping for that new version.

So there is only one thing to do.. Lets make that multiplayer… we shall call it Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre. And with no more than 2 people we can do this within 2 months..

All the best to you and thanks in advance!


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