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When ever I need a Holiday, I start dreaming about blue seas and green islands…
(Google Fiji islands: )

Oculus Rift helicopter demo: Heli-hell!

You can download the demo-application (for PC) here:

For Oculus DK1

For Oculus DK2 (PC) (Mac, not tested with joystick)

DK2 info:

- Press “J” to switch between Joystick & Keyboard/mouse controls
- Press “Enter” to reset level


It could take a while for the demo to start. The island is generated on the first frame and this is quite processor intensive.

If you notice that your viewport is not centered correctly, hit the “generate” button again while looking straight forward with your Oculus Rift headset.

Default controls are set to mouse/keyboard, to switch to joystick setup, click the toggle button.

The island is generated procedurally, so sometimes it has a lot of trees, sometimes it has less… some computers will run slow when there are too much trees… hit the Generate button to make a new island… maybe this new one has less trees… :)

Bare with us while we upgrade this demo to a more advanced state… but for now, we hope you enjoy it already! Comments & suggestions welcome on the youtube video page, reddit and the oculusvr forums!

Raser Hydra

We use the Razer Hydra controller to track your body position. We had best results when attaching the Hydra controller to your neck/tshirt/upperbody.



- mouse up/down=forward/back

- mouse left/right=turn left/right

- arrowkeys up/down= fly up/down

- arrowkeys left/right= strafe left/right


- left/right=turn left/right

- forward/back=fly forward/back

- 3rd axis (2nd stick) = up/down

(- arrowkeys up/down= fly up/down)

(- arrowkeys left/right= strafe left/right)

You can see the evolution of the island generator on this Youtube playlist:


V 0.15 (30-04-2013)

- DK2 support (no more hydra needed for upper body tracking)

V 0.15 (30-04-2013)

- Raser Hydra support

- Dials & meters interface gismo thingies working :)

- Removed menu screen

- Battleship 3D model

V 0.14 (25-04-2013)

- Added helipad for takeoff and landing

V 0.13 (25-04-2013)

- Fixed joystick toggle (keyboard/mouse should now work)

V 0.12 (24-04-2013)

- Added menuscreen
- Smaller island (should run better on all pc’s)
- …lot’s of other small things suggested on forums and video comments…

V 0.11 (24-04-2013)

- Added basic sound

V 0.1 (23-04-2013)

- First demo online


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