GriN: Multimedia wizards in virtual wonderland

GriN was founded in 2002 as a research and development agency for online and browserbased games and applications. GriN creations are used for installations, events, promotions, campaigns and educational purposes… to name but a few. Apart from working for clients, GriN also develops and publishes independant educational and entertainment games.

GriN’s biggest passion is its strongest asset:
An unsatisfiable hunger for new technologies to develop unique, creative applications.

The web is our playground

“Our habitat is the online world. Creating for online purposes has many advantages in our opinion. The speed at which we can publish and distribute our creations, for one thing, and the easy access factor of the internet.”, explains Wim Wouters, GriN founder and CEO. “Apart from the online aspect, ‘virtual’ and ‘3D’ are key in pretty much everything we do. They enable us to model lifelike environments and experiences. In a way, we consider ourselves to be sculptors or architects.”

Diversity is our specialty

“The fact that we refuse to specialize in just one aspect, is probably our biggest asset.”, Wim grins. “Competitors often choose to focus on only a few technologies, or one of the market. We don’t… We want it all! Our ultimate challenge would be to create something which unites our expertise regarding multi-user gaming, social connectivity, augmented reality, mobile apps, etc. A crossmedia and multimedia experience, where boundaries and boredom simply don’t exist.”

We don’t have heroes… We can be heroes

“We don’t really do ‘idols’… If anything, I admire small teams such as ourselves, trying to achieve great things. And dreamers in general; dreaming is key in what we do. Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example: it’s quite possible that he would have been a game developer if he’d lived in our times. A technical artist creating virtual worlds where the impossible becomes possible. Needless to say, I would have loved to have him on my team!