Yes, we’re only a small development studio. And yes, time is never on our side. But still we invest at least a third of our resources in research. This means we try out new technologies and implementations on a daily basis, we constantly gain insights on cutting-edge developments and we never stop enlarging our knowledge in general.
Your benefit? You get to work with a crew that knows, understands, uses and happily plays with every technology that’s out there.


We’ve been in the 3D-development business for over a decade. Games, applications, websites, … we know them inside out. So don’t hesitate to ask for our opinion on your multimedia idea or gaming project. Our feedback will always be straightforward, useful and to the point.

Concept design

We love working on new and truly original ideas. So if you need something special or interactive or high-tech that’s never been done before, give us a call. Really, we’ll put our hearts and souls into developing a stunning result.


Do you want a Rapid Application Development (RAD) partner? Then be prepared for a roller coaster ride. Because we can make a prototype of your idea in days – not weeks or months. That makes a huge difference in the development stage of your project.
Worried about the quality? Don’t be. We’ve literally done it a hundred times before.


You name it, we build it! Thanks to our extensive network of partners and freelancers, we can always put together the right team of specialists to get your job done before the deadline.

Area’s of expertise

We’ve developed games, applications and installations that are:

  • educational
  • serious
  • entertaining
  • promotional

We’ve used them on all the platforms you know and love:

  • online
  • offline
  • mobile
  • expo

We’ve seasoned them with the best and latest in:

  • social media
  • augmented reality
  • 3D-technology

Promoting the industry

We’ve been the driving force behind the Belgian edition of the yearly Global Game Jam event since 2009. Events like these really bring the industry together. And the results are stunning every time. So we’ll be doing it for a little while longer. In 2012 GriN was also one of the founders and drivers of FLEGA, the Flemish Games Assosiation where we currently fulfill the role of sector evangelist.