Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries

Join the vengeful Red Riding Hood in her battle to eliminate her demon, B. B. Woolfe, in a dark side-scroller odyssey. A non-sugarcoated streampunky fairy tale, full of drama and dark ...


Forestpals – An educational adventure for preschoolers on iPad

Forest Pals Autumn is the first in a series of four educational apps about the seasons. We aim to provide a fun and engaging training tool, filled with stories, games and ...


Forklift Simulator v2.0

Forklift Simulator v2.0 Taking our simulator to the next level! As you could read in the development blog of our Forlift Simulator, the CEMAT expo was a great succes. In fact, our ...


GriN’s biggest passion is its strongest asset:
An unsatisfiable hunger for new technologies to develop unique, creative applications.

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January 25-27, 2013 @ Designcenter De Winkelhaak Bringing together the worlds game developers! Goal is to come together and make a video game, or non-digital game like board game or card game. Participants rapidly prototype game designs and hopefully inject new ideas to help grow the game industry. We share a common theme and constraints. We ask participants to create a game from beginning to end in a prescribed time (48 hours). The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small but innovative and experimental games. Although having computer skills is helpful, code experience  [ Read More ]

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The remote control car with a virtual world game makes its UK debut at Toymaster. ToyNews caught up with Revell’s UK country manager Thomas Randrup at Toymaster for a personal demonstration of the firm’s new feature-loaded Revellutions range. The cars will be at retail from mid-July and feature interchangeable parts. For example, the wheels and suspension can be switched out and upgraded as required. Revellutions is designed for indoor and outdoor use and the cars’ dust and water resistant shell is made from sturdy ABS plastic. However, Revellutions real USP is its video game – kids can plug into a computer  [ Read More ]

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The “Sound Of Sam” show on the Belgian radio station “Studio Brussel” just got pimp with a live TV broadcast every Friday. To make the TV show a little more interesting we created a system for the DJ to interact with live webcam users. For the new show we also had the opportunity to develop a video stream recording app for mobile devices. This means that not only webcamusers at home can send their video, but anyone with a smartphone can be on TV! How cool is that? Special thanks to: Sylvester Productions / Rambla / OP12 / Studio Brussel  [ Read More ]

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GriN is organising a new event! November 13, 2012 @ Designcenter “De Winkelhaak”  in Antwerp. Belgium Unity3D Day is an event for developers, publishers, enthusiasts and others interested in Unity to come together to learn more about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations and other 3D interactive content – and how to get the most out of it. Belgium Unity3D Day is a day of learning including basic and advanced technical sessions and lectures. Unity specialists will give an overview of the award-winning Unity platform for creating games and rich 3D applications for  [ Read More ]

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This is a “bootleg” video of our postmortum presentation at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam. Forklift simulator From Eyecatcher to Lifesaver This presentation is created entirely in Unity3d.

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GriN created an online festival game in 3D for Tourism Flanders. The launch of the game is the second milestone in the international ‘Flanders is a Festival’-campaign. Through this online game Flanders will become the biggest virtual festival in the world. (94 festivals joined together) Gamers can go to several info booths with touristic information about our art cities and our unique products, such as festivals, in Flanders. They are able to test their festival skills as a beer-cup-recycler, participate in dance contests and share their achievements with friends. In this virtual festival world, it will also be able to test  [ Read More ]

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Our first Steam Powered game: “Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre” is now available! The game is a fun for all (even mac users) multiplayer cartoon-style third-person shooter. With your friends (if you have some) you take the role of a Legionnaire to shred a huge army of non-descriptive cannon fodder to lots and lots of pieces. This kill count is added to the global kill count,that unlocks new content for all players, including mac users. Starting with 3 maps with different game modes we bring you a variety of enemies and animals to kill, including peace doves and dolphins. If you are  [ Read More ]

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For Sylvester Productions we created a “live video streaming application”. Well, actually 4 applications: End-user web-cam flash component embedded in the website of Studio Brussels. A moderator component where users can be screened to check audio/video quality. A mixer program where the templates and order of users is determined. Touchscreen application for radio presenter to select a user to talk to. To join the fun, log in on: http://www.stubru.be/programmas/blokparty/doemeeaanblokpartymetjewebcam

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Some more sneak peaks of what we have been working on this week… Some of our bigger projects for clients are almost done and we will be very happy to share the results with you next week… so stay tuned!

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De partners van het Vlaams-Nederlands samenwerkingsproject Manoeuvres nodigen je uit voor het kritisch discussieplatform: DIGITALE MEDIA, EEN OPENBARING VOOR DE ERFGOEDSECTOR? Op deze interactieve studiedag zal gedebatteerd worden over de toekomst van erfgoedontsluiting. Programma In de voormiddag worden je ogen geprikkeld, want je krijgt de kans om het Paleis op de Meir te bezoeken, een indrukwekkende locatie die de geschiedenis van België, Vlaanderen en Nederland in zich draagt. In de namiddag delen specialisten en erfgoedbeheerders hun ervaringen en kennis over ICT en erfgoed met jou. Hun voordrachten leveren voer voor discussie in enkele kritische panelgesprekken. Gastheer en moderator van dienst  [ Read More ]