Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries

Join the vengeful Red Riding Hood in her battle to eliminate her demon, B. B. Woolfe, in a dark side-scroller odyssey. A non-sugarcoated streampunky fairy tale, full of drama and dark ...


Forestpals – An educational adventure for preschoolers on iPad

Forest Pals Autumn is the first in a series of four educational apps about the seasons. We aim to provide a fun and engaging training tool, filled with stories, games and ...


Forklift Simulator v2.0

Forklift Simulator v2.0 Taking our simulator to the next level! As you could read in the development blog of our Forlift Simulator, the CEMAT expo was a great succes. In fact, our ...


GriN’s biggest passion is its strongest asset:
An unsatisfiable hunger for new technologies to develop unique, creative applications.

Posted by Wim On May - 5 - 2011 1 Comment

Physics driven forklift demo en training installation. UCAN & GriN partner up to make a really cool simulator. Goal: build an installation that connects controls of a real forklift surrounded by 4 screens to a virtual environment where users can learn how to operate the forklift and take special notice to safety regulations. Driving — lifting physics — Proof of Concept. This demonstrator is used to test a physics rig setup with 3 wheels. Most basic functions are working. But we are experiencing some physics problems due to kinetic movement of attached collider objects. Several sollutions come to mind, but  [ Read More ]

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Client –GriGri for the city of Veurne, a city in the West Flanders of Belgium with an impressive history. Challenge – There’s a visitor’s centre at the touristic office where people can learn all kinds of historical facts. We were asked to make learning easier (and more fun) with some sort of game. The GRIN-solution – We designed a cool quiz around the facts and figures of Veurne. On five linked touch-screen computers and a big screen, visitors can challenge each other on their knowledge of the city. We took care of the multi-user quiz software, and the other interactive  [ Read More ]

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Ioulian, a student form Artevelde College, studying multimedia-production asked us to be the exteral promotor for his Augmented Reality project. We gave him some tips & tricks on how to make his game look good and work best. This game was made with Unity3D and Silverlight using the SLART toolkit. We think he did a great job… Here are the results: Teaser Trailer: Work in Progress video: Final game: http://alexju.be/archive/sf/

Posted by Jeroen On March - 15 - 2011 1 Comment

Hey everyone, just another update about our mobile control app. We’re working on getting it on the app store as quickly as possible so you should be expecting it very soon.It’s going to be called UNDER control, with reference to UNDERdog.be, where the first games supporting this app will be launched. But without demonstrators, it’s not really useful, now is it? Split Screen So our newest demonstrator is another race game, but this time it’s a straight forward one. You just drive along the course with your indy car. The big difference with the last one? You just get your  [ Read More ]

Posted by Wim On March - 9 - 2011 1 Comment

Whooohaaa… another HOT research update! Few days ago we made a blog post about our universal unity controller (short: control PC games with iphone). Today we’ve got a nice update on that already! Cross platform We now support multiple mobile devices: iPhone, iPod-touch, iPad & Android. (Thank you Unity3D for building such a versitle tool for us to develop in!) Porting our developments to different platforms was actually very easy… our experience was ofcource helpfull too! Anyway, we now have a contoller to play our game for all major mobile platforms. Multi-user Cross platform, no problem! But what if you  [ Read More ]

Posted by Wim On March - 8 - 2011 1 Comment

Say what? We been talking to a lot of people about this “thing” we’ve been making… Our User Generated Adventure Game Engine. Well, it’s finally starting to take form and we are alsmost ready for PRIVATE-ALPHA testing. This first alpha release is aimed at scenario-writers and story tellers. We believe we have created a web-application that will allow anybody who can write to create a dialog based game without the need for any game programming knowlegde.

Posted by Jeroen On March - 1 - 2011 1 Comment
Wow, DevBlogPost in a DevBlogPost in a DevBlogPost,... We need to go deeper!

Alright! Welcome to our first GriN Development Blogpost. This post will give you a small glimpse into our newest freak project: a Universal Unity Controller. Introduction Okay I know, this sounds pretty vague, but I’ll get there. We love working with Unity and while it’s probably the best browser game engine of the moment, it’s not perfect in every way. But that’s okay! Instead of making it perfect but you have to operate it in a very specific way, you’re able to add a lot of extra layers and tools to help you achieve your wildest dreams. In game development  [ Read More ]

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GriN interns

As of this week we are working with a 5 headed team! 2 new interns have joined our forces.  Michiel en Siegfried, both passionate 3D modellers will help us create more and better games untill the end of June… maybe one of them will even stay… We have a tradition of keeping an intern every year so who knows Anyway, good luck and have fun dudes!

Posted by Wim On February - 8 - 2011 Comments Off

A few weeks ago our new neighbours “Mighty”, an advertising agency startup, dropped by with a question: Mighty: “Our client (Beerbrand) wants a cool digital gadget for a trade fair in three weeks time, we’re thinking about proposing something with augmented reality…can you help us?” GriN: “Sure we can! ” Although we do have experience researching augmented reality applications, we have not used it for production yet, also holding a marker in front of a display to see a bottle on the screen just didn’t seem good enough. What if we used some other technique to get a similar experience,  [ Read More ]

Posted by Wim On February - 8 - 2011 Comments Off

Client — Carlsberg is the 4th largest brewery group in the world employing around 45,000 people. Challenge — For the trade fair “Venues” in Antwerp, Carlsberg asked their agency “Mighty” to do something extra… Something that would give the booth visitors a Carlsberg Experience. The GriN-solution – We created an augmented 3D experience where the user can check out a virtual Carlsberg bar. The user stands in front of a huge 3D screen (anaglyph 3D, you know, with those red/green glasses) with a Carlsberg bottle in hand (Wii-controller inside) to navigate through the bar. Goal of the installation is to  [ Read More ]