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Forklift Simulator v2.0 Taking our simulator to the next level! As you could read in the development blog of our Forlift Simulator, the CEMAT expo was a great succes. In fact, our simulator was so succesfull that Toyota asked us if we could integrate more safety training lessons in the system. We replied with the proposal of a major upgrade… * non of this would be here without UCAN communications (Thank you!) Result were so good even UNITY3D invited us to come talk about it at Unite12 in Amsterdam. Check out the complete presentation here: Unite 2012 – Forklift simulator  [ Read More ]

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This is a “bootleg” video of our postmortum presentation at Unite 2012 in Amsterdam. Forklift simulator From Eyecatcher to Lifesaver This presentation is created entirely in Unity3d.

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Physics driven forklift demo en training installation. UCAN & GriN partner up to make a really cool simulator. Goal: build an installation that connects controls of a real forklift surrounded by 4 screens to a virtual environment where users can learn how to operate the forklift and take special notice to safety regulations. Driving — lifting physics — Proof of Concept. This demonstrator is used to test a physics rig setup with 3 wheels. Most basic functions are working. But we are experiencing some physics problems due to kinetic movement of attached collider objects. Several sollutions come to mind, but  [ Read More ]

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Client – Bernico is a manufacturer of powerboats. You know, those spacey looking racing machines with huge engines mounted on the back that crash through the waves at about 180 km/h. Challenge – Our neighbours at Voxdale made a prototype, the F2. They came to us with a clear task: give us a powerful simulation tool so we can show off what we built. The GRIN-solution – We made our own version of a boat simulator, complete with throttle, turning and navigation controls… We even used real-life physics to show how the boat would smash onto the water at high  [ Read More ]

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Client – Playing the past is the 21st century version of re-enactment. It allows students and enthusiasts to recreate past events or visit places they would otherwise never see in their lives. Challenge – Give people access to a long-lost shipwreck off the coast of Holland. And make it as realistic as possible. The GRIN-solution – From pictures and blueprints of the ship we created a 3D diving simulator. It allows you to swim through cracks, look under ledges, peer into portholes and study the shipwreck as if you were really there (but without the getting wet and cold and  [ Read More ]