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The “Sound Of Sam” show on the Belgian radio station “Studio Brussel” just got pimp with a live TV broadcast every Friday. To make the TV show a little more interesting we created a system for the DJ to interact with live webcam users. For the new show we also had the opportunity to develop a video stream recording app for mobile devices. This means that not only webcamusers at home can send their video, but anyone with a smartphone can be on TV! How cool is that? Special thanks to: Sylvester Productions / Rambla / OP12 / Studio Brussel  [ Read More ]

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For Sylvester Productions we created a “live video streaming application”. Well, actually 4 applications: End-user web-cam flash component embedded in the website of Studio Brussels. A moderator component where users can be screened to check audio/video quality. A mixer program where the templates and order of users is determined. Touchscreen application for radio presenter to select a user to talk to. To join the fun, log in on: